Autumn light at the Sjoa Kayak Camp
“Riksanlegget” was built just prior to the World Junior Championships in Slalom in 1992, and is located by Sjoa River at the start of the Åmot Canyon downstream of Heidal. The Sjoa Kayak Camp has over the years evolved into a great camp and meeting point for fellow river people & travelling paddlers. Make this your base camp of choice when coming to Sjoa for your big summer adventures. Meet other paddlers, plan your next day on the river, enjoy the sauna with a cold bath in the river outside the door, or simply hang out in the paddler’s lounge and relax after your latest Åmot-run.

On site there are two main buildings; one is a cottage with a kitchen, lounge, toilets and a fireplace. This building is open for paddlers to hang out and relax. In the other building there are two Dorms, (4 and 6 bed) to rent.

At the height of the summer we host the well known Sjoa River Festival.

We are open from mid summer to the end of August, open every day.